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One of the many negative consequences of Prohibition was the destruction of a local staple and point of civic pride for most American cities: the neighborhood brewery. At the turn of the 20th century, the city of San Francisco, for example, had over 40 breweries within its city limits, each one brewing beer that reflected the unique character of the neighborhoods they served. When the 18th Amendment was ratified in 1920 banning the production and sale of alcohol in the US, these neighborhood institutions were shuttered, most never to open again. Today, the city of San Francisco has just eight breweries despite the fact that it has more than doubled its population in the past 113 years.

When Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan met in 1995 they, like most craft beer enthusiasts, dreamed of one day opening their own brewery. While researching the history of brewing in San Francisco to find inspiration for what to name their beer, Freccia and O’Sullivan were shocked to find there had once been a vibrant, local brewing tradition that had been completely destroyed by Prohibition. They decided that they would bring back the local brewery to the Bay Area and named it 21st Amendment after the amendment to the Constitution that brought an end to the dark days of Prohibition.

They set up shop in 2000 in San Francisco’s historic South Park neighborhood just two blocks from the newly built home of the San Francisco Giants. It instantly became a local favorite taking home awards from local press as “Best Brewpub,” “Best Burger,” and “Best Happy Hour.” Freccia and O’Sullivan had indeed brought back the neighborhood brewery.

While a lack of technology and infrastructure trapped the beers of the pre-Prohibition local breweries in their neighborhoods, today we have the ability to share the pride of San Francisco with the entire Buckeye State. Ohioans can find an assortment of 21st Amendment brews at their favorite bars and stores this summer including Back in Black, Bitter American, Hell or High Watermelon, Hop Crisis, and Brew Free! Or Die IPA.

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