Brand Spotlight: Anderson Valley

While most breweries throughout the world can claim to have unique characteristics that define them, only Anderson Valley Brewing Company can claim to have a language all to itself. You see, Anderson Valley is located two hours north of San Francisco in California’s Anderson Valley (go figure), a region so remote at the turn of the 20th century, that it developed its own language called Boontling. With over 1,000 words and phrases, Boontling was originally developed by the workers of the local hop fields. While the language is now more of a curiosity than an actual spoken tongue, many modern linguists consider it to be one of the most extraordinary examples of a homemade language.

Anderson Valley Brewing Company is doing their part to keep the language alive by incorporating it into their beer names. Its flagship beer, Boont Amber Ale, for example, is named after the Boontling word for Anderson Valley’s hometown, Boonville: Boont.

Founded in 1987, Anderson Valley Brewing Company has made it their mission to craft beers that are as unique as the region they’re made in. Like so many craft breweries out there, Anderson Valley started out as a brewpub with 10-barrel brewhouse in the basement. As word got out just how good the beer was, demand quickly began to outpace supply and in 1996, they had to open a 30-barrel facility just outside of town. Today, to keep up with the demands of a national consumer base, the majority of their beer is brewed in a state-of-the-art Bavarian-style brewhouse completed in 2000. The centerpiece of which are two authentic 100- and 85-barrel copper brew kettles rescued from a defunct German brewery.


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