Brand Spotlight: Estrella Damm Daura

Although Celiac Disease has been known in the medical community since the 1940s, mass awareness of gluten sensitivity is a relatively recent development. Today, you can go into most grocery stores and find all manner of gluten-free foods and beverages including (most importantly, in our opinion) beer.

Most beer experts will tell you that it is incredibly difficult to make a gluten-free beer that tastes like the real deal since grains (one of the most common sources of gluten) are such an important part of the brewing process. Recently, several breweries have been mastering the technique (we happen to carry the best of them) but none have received the level of acclaim on the beer competition circuit as Barcelona-based Estrella Damm and their gluten-free beer, Daura.

The end result of a lengthy collaboration with the Spanish National Scientific Research Council, Daura has won gold medals at the World Beer Championships, International Beer Challenge and the World Beer Awards. Not only is it the first Spanish beer ever to guarantee gluten below three parts per million (in the US, a product is considered gluten-free below 20 parts per million), it was rated as “outstanding” at the 2011 World Beer Championships in Chicago.

Estrella Damm has a long history of crafting outstanding beer. It was founded in 1876 by an Alsace refugee by the name of August Kuentzmann Damm. August fled his home in 1872 during one of the many clashes between Germany (then known as Prussia) and France over the frequently disputed region. Once he settled down his beer quickly became a hit in Barcelona and, eventually, throughout all of Spain. August’s legacy has endured throughout the ages at Estrella Damm with a line of family master brewers that is currently on its eleventh generation.

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