Brand Spotlight: Lost Coast

Like so many American craft breweries, the story of Lost Coast begins with two friends deciding to make their passion their profession. In 1986, Barbara Groom, then a pharmacist by trade, and Wendy Pound, working as a family counselor, began wondering what it would take to open their own brewpub. They spent the next several years gathering information and perfecting their brews before finally seeing their dream realized in July 1990 when the Lost Coast Brewery and Café opened to the public.

Located in Eureka, California, Lost Coast uses Western Plains barley and wheat with the crystal clear water of its hometown to create traditional English-style ales with a West Coast flavor. Among their award winning beers are Downtown Brown, Great White, Indica IPA, and, of course, the classic Tangerine Wheat.

What started over two decades ago in a small, coastal city 100 miles south of the Oregon border, is now an international brewery that produces 60,000 barrels a year and distributes to 22 states (including the great state of Ohio!), Puerto Rico, and Canada. Don’t think that they’re done growing, either. Construction is underway on a new, 9.3 acre facility in Eureka that will have the capability to brew upwards of 600,000 barrels a year.


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