Brand Spotlight: Victory Brewing

It shouldn’t really be surprising that a brewery named “Victory” started because of a friendly rivalry. After graduating college, Bill Covaleski began experimenting with his dad’s home brewing kit and quickly fell in love with craft beer. Knowing how much his childhood friend, Ron Barchet, loved beer, Bill got him his own kit for Christmas and the rivalry was born.

As so often is the case in the world of craft beer, the hobby became a passion which became a profession. Both Bill and Ron eventually left their jobs and became apprentices at the Baltimore Brewing Company to gain the prerequisites necessary to gain entry to two of beer’s most respected institutions of higher education in Germany. Ron was the first to make the pilgrimage to Germany, enrolling in the Technical University of Munich at Weihenstephan. Bill soon followed him to Bavaria to attend the Doemens Institute in Munich.

The rest, as they say, is history. Bill and Ron opened up the Victory Brewing Company in 1996 in an old Pepperidge Farm factory in Downingtown, PA near where they grew up as kids. They brewed 1,725 barrels that first year. By 2012, that amount had expanded to more than 93,000 barrels, a capacity which is still growing as Victory nears completion of a second facility down the road in Parkesburg, PA.

What makes Victory’s brewing process different from (and in our mind, much tastier than) your average brewer is that they use whole flower hops rather than the standard pelletized hops, giving their brews better flavor and aroma. Victory also uses a wet-milling process that exposes the malt to steam or a hot spray to increase moisture. This allows the barley to be removed from the kernel with much less breakage leading to sweeter worts and less tannic bitterness.

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