Fall Seasonals Are Here!

Well, summer is coming to a close and there’s no two ways about it: it’s a bummer. We need to cherish the pool parties, barbeques, weddings, and vacations while we still can before the weather turns chilly and dreary. But fall isn’t all bad, because it means we get Oktoberfests, Pumpkin Ales, and all the other delicious beers that come out to help us cope with the demise of summer! Here’s a list of just a few beers that can help you turn that Fall frown upside down!

21st AmendmentHe Said Belgian Style Tripel

This beautiful collaboration between Dick Cantwell, the pumpkin king at Elysian Brewing, and Shaun O’Sullivan, the 21st Amendment Brewmaster who brought the world Hell or High Watermelon Wheat, began when Cantwell walked into the 21st Amendment pub in San Francisco in 2010. O’Sullivan had heard about Elysian’s pumpkin fest and suggested they get together to brew a pumpkin beer like no other: a Belgian-style Tripel brewed with pumpkin, galangal, and tarragon. At least, that’s how O’Sullivan tells it…

21st AmendmentHe Said Baltic-Style Porter

This beautiful collaboration between Shaun O’Sullivan, the 21stAmendment Brewmaster who brought the world Hell or High Watermelon Wheat, and Dick Cantwell, the pumpkin king at Elysian Brewing, began when O’Sullivan walked into the Elysian pub in Seattle in 1999. O’Sullivan had heard of Elysian’s pumpkin fest and suggested they get together to brew a pumpkin beer like no other: a Baltic-style Porter brewed with pumpkin, caraway, and cinnamon. Or that’s how Cantwell recalls it…

We here at Rampant think it’s best not to try to figure out who’s recalling the first meeting correctly and instead be thankful that this misunderstanding has led to not one, but two great pumpkin beers!

AnchorBigLeaf Maple Autumn Red

A quaffable, well-balanced American red ale with character, BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red, was inspired by a native California tree, its incredible leaves, its delicious syrup, and the best colors of fall. Its malty complexity and coppery color come from a combination of two caramel malts, pale malt, and a hint of maple syrup. To complement these flavors, Anchor used three additions of Nelson Sauvin hops in the brewkettle and a unique blend of Nelson Sauvin, Citra, and Cascade for dry hopping. The result is a distinctive fall seasonal beer with extraordinary depth and intriguing aroma.

Anderson ValleyFall Hornin’ 

With a brilliant, deep copper hue and creamy beige-colored head, this pumpkin ale has inviting aromas of caramelized malt and baking bread with highlights of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, and seasonal spices. The pleasantly creamy mouthfeel and silky body embrace the sweet caramel flavors and tang of spices (with just hint of hops) that ends in a smooth, round finish.

Anderson ValleyPinchy Jeek Barl                   

Aged for six months in Wild Turkey barrels, this bourbon barrel-aged pumpkin ale is pleasantly creamy with a silky body and sweet caramel flavor. The aging process imparts notes of coconut, vanilla, and oak to compliment the tang of the spices and a hint of hops, all wrapped in a smooth, round finish.

Anderson ValleyBlood Orange Gose                            

Blood Orange Gose is a tart, refreshing wheat ale that is kettle-soured with lactobacillus and brewed with sea salt and coriander. However, unlike traditional versions of the style, Anderson Valley’s version features liberal additions of blood oranges during fermentation.  This imparts tangy citrus notes that complement the champagne-like flavors, creating a complex and sessionable ale perfect for any occasion.

ArcadiaJaw-Jacker Spiced Ale              

This spiced amber-wheat ale is a celebration of the arrival of Autumn. Using the finest malted barley and a small amount of wheat for mouthfeel, Jaw-Jacker displays a brilliant orange-amber color, despite the absence of pumpkin in the recipe. The addition of cinnamon, all-spice, and nutmeg (in the exact proportions of a family pumpkin pie recipe) creates a refreshingly spicy, seasonal brew.

AtwaterBlueberry Cobler Ale                     

It’s like a secret family recipe passed down from generation to generation, only the Atwater brewers made it up a couple of years ago. Blueberry Cobbler is deceptively complex porter that features bready malts, the dryness of fermented blueberries, light vanilla, and blueberry aromatics. It’s definitely strong, yet the flavors play well together.

AtwaterCherry Stout                

Cherry Stout is a blend of six malts combined with Montmorency Cherry concentrate from Atwater’s home state of Michigan. For those snobs out there who say, “I don’t like fruit in my beer,” this is the one that will change your mind once and for all.


This beer will taste like it came straight out of Munich because it actually did! RateBeer.com’s top rated Oktoberfest, Ayinger’s Oktoberfest is a rich, golden colored lager with a slightly sweet, malty nose, and medium to big body and alcohol. It’s the perfect complement to traditional German fare like pretzels, pork, sauerkraut, and, of course, bratwurst.


Brewed from the finest German malt and hops, Brooklyn Oktoberfest is true to the original style: full-bodied and malty, with a bready aroma and light, brisk hop bitterness. It also fully embraces the style’s origins as a festival beer, pairing perfectly with the sausages, chicken, burgers, and roasted meats that you’ll find at any authentic German festival.

BrooklynPost Road            

Early American colonialists, seeking natural ingredients for brewing ales, turned to pumpkins, which were plentiful, flavorful, and nutritious. Blended with barley malt, pumpkins became a commonly used beer ingredient. Post Road Pumpkin Ale brings back this tasty tradition. Hundreds of pounds of pumpkins are blended into the mash of each batch, creating a beer with an orange amber color, warm pumpkin aroma, biscuity malt center, and crisp finish.

HighlandClawhammer Oktoberfest

Named for a mountain in the Southern Appalachian mountain range, Clawhammer Oktoberfest is a lightly colored, but toasty, rich, and full-bodied Märzen style lager, brewed with traditional German malt and the finest noble hops. A spicy hop finish and aroma balance out the abundance of malt flavor.


One of only six breweries in the world that can serve beer at THE Oktoberfest in Munich, it doesn’t get any more authentic than Hofbräu’s Oktoberfest. Bright golden in color, this lager possesses rich aromas of omelet and fresh baguette with a chewy dry-yet-fruit medium-to-full body and a long, sumptuous honeyed citrus and grass accented finish. Best enjoyed while wearing lederhosen, but taste great regardless of attire.

IthacaCountry Pumpkin                         

Ithaca’s take on the pumpkin ale is a medium-bodied harvest ale brewed with a medley of flavorful malt, pumpkin puree, Magnum hops, and a touch of seasonal spices. The masterful blend of 2-Row, Vienna, Munich, Caramunich, and Honey malt with Magnum hops balances the sweet pumpkin with an aroma of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice to create a rich, malty ale for the autumn season.

Mt. CarmelHarvest Ale                            

From Cincinnati comes a fall seasonal that is neither an Oktoberfest nor a pumpkin ale but is still 100% fall. A homage to the harvest, this smooth, full-bodied and well-balanced extra strong bitter (ESB) delivers a memorable dry hop finish.

PaulanerOktoberfest Märzen

The beer that started it all, Paulaner’s Oktoberfest Märzen is an amber beer style that was developed over 200 years ago to celebrate the original Oktoberfest in Munich. Märzen is the German word for the month of March and became the name for the style because it was historically brewed in March to be at peak flavor for the Oktoberfest celebration.

PaulanerOktoberfest Weis’n                 

Brewed once a year to celebrate Oktoberfest, this golden Oktoberfest lager is the only beer served in the Paulaner Oktoberfest tents in Munich. It also happens to be the best-selling Oktoberfest beer in Germany, and they know a thing or two about Oktoberfest!

RogueDead Guy Ale                   

In the style of a German Maibock, this deep reddish amber ale is brewed using Rogue’s proprietary Pacman yeast and possesses a malty aroma, rich hearty flavor, and a well balanced finish. Dead Guy Ale is a modern day classic and has cemented itself as one of the go-to fall seasonals having won multiple awards including four golds at the World Beer Championships (2015, ’12, ’09, and ’08).

RoguePumpkin Patch Ale                       

Grown on their own farms in Independence, Oregon, Rogue picks their pumpkins fresh from the patch, load them on a truck, and drive them 77 miles to their Newport, Oregon brewery, roast and then pitch them into the brew kettle. Throw in some homegrown hops and barley and you have a beer that is Rogue grown from patch to batch.

SchlaflyPumpkin Ale                            

This pumpkin ale from Schlafly blends the spices of the harvest with full-bodied sweetness for a beer that tastes like pumpkin pie. Pounds of pumpkin form a malty foundation that supports the fall flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.


A festive Märzen-style ale that uses traditional German malts, this Texan take on a German classic has a rich flavor and a dry, moderately hoppy finish. This beer was made for stein raising, polka dancing, and pretzel scarfing. Extra style points for downing one while wearing lederhosen!

SmuttynosePumpkin Ale                      

Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale is a homage to the craft and heritage of America’s brewers. Like in colonial times, Smuttynose adds pumpkin to the mash along with traditional spices to create a delicious American original.  The result is a beer that’s not your typical pumpkin ale. As the Wall Street Journal put it, “This is the only pumpkin beer that rightly comes in a six-pack.”

Thirsty DogBarktoberfest 

The Akron brewery’s clear copper take on the German classic is very malty with a hint of caramel balanced off with a uniform bite of hop bitterness. Just like the dogs on the label, you’ll be barking with joy after just one sip.

Thirsty DogPumpkin Ale                      

Quickly becoming a fall classic, Thirsty Dog’s Pumpkin Ale is brewed with the summer harvest of five varieties of pumpkin grown by the brewery in its native Akron. Only the freshest ingredients are combined with the hand-selected pumpkins, producing a rich, creamy, golden orange ale that taste great all fall long.


This organic sessionable pumpkin ale is brewed with fresh pumpkin and seasonal spices. Malt and hops accented with roasted pumpkin and spices of the season and a subtle hint of vanilla and honey make Punk’n a wonderful compliment to foods with nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove flavors.

Uinta – Fall Duo:

Baba Black Lager


Robust and smooth, this full-flavored lager is exceptionably drinkable and pitch black in color. Available year-round as a part of Uinta’s Organic Line, Baba comes alive in the crisp fall weather and proves to be the perfect partner in crime with its Duo-mate Punk’n.



Most people tend to think of pumpkin ales as stand-alone or dessert beers, but try Punk’n with roasted turkey, squash or pumpkin ravioli. You can thank us later. (But it is really good with pumpkin cheesecake, too!)


Friendship and camaraderie: the two keys to any festive event. That, plus beer. The perfect festival beer should be full-bodied, yet infinitely smooth. Seductively malty, but with a kiss of the hops for balance. This perfectly describes Victory’s Festbier. Painstakingly crafted from German malts, decoction brewed for full flavor, and carefully aged for depth of character. Gather with your friends for a festive moment of Victory!

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