New Ohio Brews

While many of us were lollygagging away the summer, three Ohio breweries were hard at work bottling some new beer for our fall enjoyment. Thirsty Dog out of Akron, Lager Heads from Medina, and Elevator in Columbus recently graduated limited-release draft brews to their commercially available six-pack offerings. Now Ohioans can enjoy what only a limited few have had the privilege of tasting. These new offerings are …

Thirsty Dog – Citra Dog IPA

This is the first, true IPA Thirsty Dog’s has bottled in its 16 years of existence and boy, was it worth the wait.  The light copper ale was brewed with, as the name implies, citra hops giving the beer a strong aroma of tangerines, mango, and hints of various other tropical fruits. With a bitterness that makes its presence known but doesn’t overpower the palate, this is an IPA for everyone.

Lager Heads – High Five IPA

For years, Lager Heads lovers have been begging brewer Tom Robbins to make an IPA. Although they’ve only been brewing beer for just over three years, the very vocal IPA-fans out there let it be known that they were tired of waiting. While we may not be the most unbiased source in the world, trust us: this first attempt is a real keeper. This copper American-style IPA with a citrusy sweet hop profile and floral aroma is exactly what those IPA-fans were begging for.

Lager Heads – Kilt ‘em All Scottish Ale

In the tradition of the Scottish Ale, the intense, dark copper ale’s most distinguishing characteristic is its complex roasted and toffee flavor. This beer will quickly become a favorite of yours as the Ohio weather turns to fall and quickly begins to resemble the Scottish Highlands.

Elevator – 1810 Oktoberfest

No serious discussion about fall and beer is complete without a mention of the ever-popular Oktoberfest style. So it seems only logical that we should mention that Columbus’ Elevator Brewing Co. is bringing its excellent 1810 Oktoberfest beer to the commercial market for the very first time. In the traditional Märzen-style, this rich amber lager is medium bodied with a toasty, sweet malt finish. Rampant is excited to bring this tap room favorite to the Dayton and Cincinnati markets.

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