Highland Brewing: There Can Only Be One

Like many retirees, Oscar Wong found himself with a whole lot of free time after finally calling it quits. To fill the time, he decided to take up a hobby and started brewing beer in the basement of a bar in his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. Despite the early batches being brewed in a system made of almost entirely retrofitted dairy equipment, the beer was a hit and the Highland Brewing Company was born.

We’re overjoyed to be welcoming Ashville’s first legal brewery to Ohio! Highland has a stable of award winning beers headlined by its Gaelic Ale. Starting in April, Ohioans will be able to purchase Oatmeal Porter, Little Hump Spring Ale, Kashmir IPA, St. Terese’s Pale Ale, and Black Mocha Stout (in addition to the aforementioned Gaelic Ale) where ever fine, craft beer is sold.

For nearly two decades, Highland has been making some of the finest beer the South has to offer but what they really hang their hat on is their consistency. There are quality control checks at several points during the brewing process and every Friday at 8 a.m. the brewery holds a Tasting Panel to make sure the beers taste the way they’re supposed to. While we can’t help but think that this is an awesome way to start your Friday, some sacrifices have to be made to ensure the tasters are getting an accurate taste of the beer. Prior to coming in to work that morning, the panel has to abstain from using toothpaste, cannot have eaten anything since getting up, and, perhaps most horrifying of all, cannot have had coffee yet. This probably leads to a fairly grumpy, foul-breathed collection of people, but they have the clear palates necessary to detect any variation in the beers.

Like most craft brewers, Highland likes to experiment with new exciting beers but they take it to a whole different level. Inside the brewery, Highland has a three-barrel pilot system where Highland brewers are encouraged to try out new recipes. Those that work out are put on tap in their tasting room in Asheville. Those that really work out, like the Thunderstruck Coffee Porter, are bottled and sold to the general public.


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